tnt-title-backT.N.T. (Thoughts & Tips for Moving)

Getting Started

Before packing cartons, you’ll need to wrap most items to protect them from scratching and breakage. There are a variety of materials available, including bubble pack, foam peanuts and tissue. However, most professional moving companies use bundles of clean, unprinted newsprint (available at your moving supply store).
Start by placing a small stack of paper on a flat, uncluttered table or countertop. Round glasses and jars can be rolled up in two or three sheets of paper; always begin from a corner of the sheet and fold the sides in as you roll.
Large or odd-shaped items require a similar technique. Place them in the center of the sheet and bring the corners together. It may be necessary to flip the item over and wrap it again from the other side. If in doubt, use more paper! When the corners are brought together, secure them with tape.
Before packing each carton, line the bottom with a few inches of wadded paper for padding. Then place large, heavy items on the bottom and lighter, more fragile items on the top.
Plates, books and things of a similar shape, should be loaded vertically to utilize their own maximum structural strength. Don’t overload cartons; keep them to a manageable weight. Fill in any voids and top off loaded cartons with wadded paper. Then tape cartons securely to avoid shifting while en route.

  1. Is my mover licensed-ensured reputable? Call NY DOT 1-800-786-5368 or go to and give/enter License #. Ours is DOT #33708. For interstate moves, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at 1-518-431-4145 and give our Federal License # MC648282-C or US DOT 1660300.
  2. Do I have enough insurance to cover my valuables? (see chart).
  3. Do I need moving supplies, boxes, wardrobe, bubble wrap, tape (free delivery)
  4. Does my co-op/townhouse or building require a certificate of insurance-check with property management?
  5. Do I need storage, do I need to purchase storage pads?
  6. Do I want to do my own packing or get an estimate from my mover?
  7. All boxes that you pack should be labeled and color coded. Example: red dot = kitchen, blue dot =bedroom, yellow dot = living room.
  8. Make sure you do not pack money, jewelry, weapons, explosives, oil paints, flammable items, perishable items, open food. If you do, your insurance is void.
  9. All glass, mirrors, paintings, lamps, shades, marble, stone, ceramic, TVs (all types), glass / wood shelves, to be insured must be boxed.
  10. All boxes should be boxed properly, no loose items, sealed closed to be insured.
  11. All clocks, grandfather clocks must have weights and pendulum removed-packed before move.
  12. All items that have removable glass doors must have doors removed-packed.
  13. All dressers, cabinets, hutches, desks, buffets, armoires, closets or any items with drawers must have items removed to avoid damage to drawers, doors and/or tracks.
  14. Microwaves must have glass tray removed, stereo equipment, DVD cable box; TVs must be disconnected and boxed prior to move.
  15. Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machine, dishwashers, and stoves are to be disconnected prior to move.
  16. All electrical fixtures, ceiling fans, chandeliers, lights, track lighting, drapes must be disconnected and boxed prior to move.
  17. All fuel powered equipment, lawn mowers, snow blowers, weed whackers etc. must be drained one week prior to move.
  18. Plants to be moved in NY State to be crated or boxed. Out of state owners MUST acquire all proper required permits. Contact State of New York Department of Agriculture and Markets for permits and approval at 1-518-457-2087.
  19. Give mover all names, phone no., cell no., or contact people for the move.
  20. Make sure someone is at point of pickup and drop off of furniture to avoid additonal charges (for waiting time).
  21. Make sure all forms, estimate, inventory and insurance are filled out and signed at point of pickup and point of drop off.
  22. Email us at
  23. Please comment about your move at and please feel free to leave any advice that will help us serve you better.
  24. Lite Moving is a NY State Mover and a federal interstate mover and would be happy to assist you, your family and friends with all your moving needs.