Dear Frank,

I want to thank you most heartily for your help and outstanding service during our move from Long Island to upstate New York.
It is hard to imagine a better-trained team of professionals as the men who took charge the morning of the move. They arrived promptly, they took the time to listen to what we wanted, they walked through every room with me, asked question, noted those item which necessitated special treatment, repacked and reinforced some of the boxes I had packed, wrapped delicate furniture, and proceeded to load the truck with our belongings. They worked quickly but every carefully. They were efficient and finished at the exact time you had predicted. When they arrived at our upstate house, they unloaded carefully and efficiently: everything was placed where we had decided it would go. At the end of the move, they presented a bill that was lower than your estimate. We have yet to find a scratch on anything they moved. We had a lot of fragile items and none was broken.
When they left, my wife was not the only one to note how polite and cheerful the team was. We still marvel at how quick and painless the entire experience was: they started-loading at 6:30 am, and by 2:00 pm they had travelled 132 mile, unloaded the truck, placed our good where we wanted then and were waiving us goodbye.
You deserve a lot of credit for assembling a first class team and training them as you did. Also, much credit goes to you for how yoy prepared us for the move: everything was spelled out: what to do and what to avoid. You quoted me a very fair price and in the end, charged ,e less than your estimate.

I will recommend your firm to all who tell me they are going to move. I will be happy to speak to anyone of your potential clients who wants to consult someone who used your services. Please do not hesitate to give them my number (516)292-8502.

I thank you and your men!

Dear Frank,

This letter is written to thank you and your outstanding crew for excellent service with my move to Florida.
I have lived in my Lynbrook home for 65 years and this was the first and only move I was ever involved in needless to say, I was concerned and worried about the forthcoming move with my large Lenox Disney Collectables and personal treasures.
On July 18,2015 your crewing four came exactly on time each properly introduced them selves individually (Anthony, Tony, Ronny and Jack) They each had a special job, and their method they prepared and packing all my belongings was done so carefully that everything , I felt , was completely safely packed. They were efficient, king and very respectful to me.
It took 6 ½ hours to pack everything each person had a specific job and all members worked so well together their work ethic was “Excellent”.
I have already recommended your services to 3 other people and I will continue to do so. Your company is honest with hardworking men. I want to also thank your assistant, Beth who was both pleasant and knowledgeable with arranging the move out in state.
I plan to stay in my newly rented condo in Florida for one year .It is my plan to purchase a home in Florida within that year.
I was very happy when Frank told me he would arrange to have his crew to do that move as well. I do not want to use any other moving company.
Thank you again for your time explaining all the needed facts about the moving. Thank you again for this move so effortless and efficient.
I am sorry this letter took so long to write, but as you know my brother in Virginia is very ill and I needed to take care of him.
Please send my deep appreciation and warmest regards to Anthony, Tony, jack, Ronny and Beth.

Thank you so much.

Eileen King

I wanted to let you know once again how appreciative I am to you for a completely stress free move. I was able to concentrate on getting my cats upstate worry free and I can’t tell you what that means to me. Anthony. Jack and John were wonderful and everything arrived in perfect condition. As you moving is difficult but all of you rnake the transition that much easier to handle. Thank you again.

My best to everyone!
Carrie Atlas

I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did during my recent move. Your estimate was accurate; your staff was professional and courteous. I would particularly like to mention that Wayne and Dave did a great job. My belongings arrived intact and were unloaded and set up quickly and efficiently. I have already recommended your company to a friend.

Barbara Mills

Dear Frank,
I just wanted to say thank you for making our move a smooth one. When we were looking for a company to do the move, I had looked up a few. One of my friends had also used your company for a local move.

You took the time to come over and explain everything to us, from insurance, to fuel surcharge and gave us a booklet to help when deciding on a mover.

Anthony, Anthony and Michael are so good when they came to wrap the pictures, mirrors and TV and take our belongings. All three gentlemen were polite and neat. Anthony and Michael had advised us that they should arrive on Monday morning. On Sunday night they called tell us they would be in our development at 8 a.m. They actually showed up at 7:30 a.m. which made me very happy. FYI - my neighbor couldn't believe that the truck was actually on time.

Everything arrived safely and in good order.

Once again, thank you to you and your staff for helping us with our relocation.

Sincerely Yours,
Jane Vergona

Dear Frank and Lite Moving & Sons Inc.
Or move on November 2nd, 2015 was flawless!!! Totally amazing. Your people were the best!!! Nothing was a problem. They quickly took care of everything. Moving a house full of furniture including taking apart a king size bed, wrapping lamps, appliances and moving everything else they had pre packed two weeks before out of our house and into our new apartment in a little more than 4 hours.

This meant starting at 8 a.m. and finishing around noon. And no problems!!!! They took care of everything we felt so protected and knew we were with professionals!!!

And the estimate given by Frank before the move was under by $20. How does he do this? Incredible. I worked with many trade show exhibits we built for AT&T in New York City 430 years and shipped everywhere you are right up there with the best!!!!!

Thank you for all your help,
David and Leslie Gold

Hi Frank,
It has been two months since you moved me into my new home and I continue to give your contact information to friends and neighbors!

As I reflect on that time I can only feel blessed that your company moved me.

From our initial meeting I knew there was something different about your company... Beyond professional, you clearly answer to a higher calling.

There were changes to the moving date and yet the understanding of my situation was always your priority.

The day of the move was flawless from pick up to delivery and nothing chipped or broke.

Thank you, Frank and blessings to your team.
Joan McGovern

Dear Frank, Frank, Frank, and Anthony,
Frank 1 - the apples from your family tree or some of the finest people I've ever dealt with. If you could bottle your DNA you would make a fortune you should be very proud.

Frank 2 - I have been blessed to have people like you come into my life. You are the fairest, least judgmental, most honorable, respectful person I have ever done business with.

Frank 3 - you are one of the hardest working nicest young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Your work ethic and integrity have to eventually bring you the life you want.

Anthony - you are wise beyond your years. If all young men at your stage of life were like you, the future would look a lot brighter.

Thank you for all you've done for me and my family. I will always be deeply grateful and appreciative that God brought you into my life.

`` the highest reward for a person's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he has become by it. ``

Yours truly

Dear Frank,
Even though we spoke on the phone, I also wanted to write to let you know how pleased we were with your company and the three young men that helped me.

Eric, Wayne and Mike were also courteous, respectful both of us and our possessions and all excellent at their jobs! It amazes me how much they can carry and how organized they all were. I was particularly amazed that Mike was able to make a small 7. 5 X 10 room look big by packing everything in storage so organized!

These poor men worked in pouring rain and hardly stopped for almost 10 hours. I knew when I met you that you run a professional and honest business. Please feel free to use either me or my husband as a reference. I know we will both recommend your company to anyone we know who will need a moving company.

I wish you and your family ( including your new little angel) a wonderful holiday and please send the same best wishes to Eric, Wayne and Mike. Now that we are in the neighborhood we may run into one of you!

Sincere thanks,
Diane and Joe DeVito

Within the past few months we utilized your firm to move 32 years worth of our important belongings from our former home in Wantagh, NY to our current home in Maryland. The move occurred in two phases May and August 2012 due to our personal circumstances and the current market for home sales. We could not have been more pleased with the care, concern and professionalism demonstrated by you and your staff.

All facets of this out of state move where well detailed from the contract price right up to the final placement of the last item. Your family / employees we're extremely courteous, helpful and hardworking. They all aimed to please I also wanted to mention how helpful the packing tips provided by your staff, were to us.

My wife and I would not hesitate to highly recommend your firm. Thank you so much for helping make this particular part of moving experience quite easy best wishes to you and your staff.

Thomas J. Reuter

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